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Bar none, this is the best optometry. Laura will greet you and immediately you know you're dealing with someone who is intelligent, genuinely interested in helping you. It doesn't stop there! The Opthalmologist Dr Rooney is amazing -- thorough, scientific, and oh-so-nice! For years, I go to one place in Manhattan because of their state the art approach and equipment. The Merrick Optometry beats that by a lot! At my first visit, they were highly equipped and the intervention I got (dry eyes) was miraculous. I actually saw much clearer as if the doctor had lifted a film from the surface of my eyes. The exams were comprehensive beyond expectation. I am going to get my new progressives from them for sure!
I am taking the rest of my family to Merrick Optometry. Best hidden treasure. Ever!
By Vera D.

I was truly impressed, by the service and technical detail provided by the Merrick Avenue Optometry team. Dr. Rooney was amazing. friendly and extremely informative.

My last Eye Exam had been at a high-end NYC provider. I was surprised at how advanced, detailed and state-of the art my exam was at Merrick Avenue Optometry. I would definitely recommend.
By Luis H.

Had a wonderful experience, Dr. Rooney and her staff were very kind and accommodating. Would definitely recommend her to friends and family.
By Jessica P.

Dr. Rooney was extremely nice and thorough with my examination. She took her time to explain everything at every point. I never had such a thorough examination. Dr. Rooney was very personable and made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend her.
By Diane M.

I was very satisfied with the care my grandson received. Would highly recommend this practice.
By Thomas M.

Quick, concise, clear and professional! Pleased with my glasses and diagnosis.
By Richard C.

Looking for a pair of glasses, and they were able to give me an eye exam and fit me for a pair of glasses the same day I walked in.. the process was very fast and I was able to pick up my glasses only a couple of days later! Todd was a great help with finding me the perfect glasses! Would highly recommend this place!
By James S.

Dr. Natalya Rooney and Todd SanGiovanni were excellent at Merrick Optometry. An excellent new business in our town. We will be back for sure. Such a pleasure to have competent help. Thumbs up for sure…
By K Berry

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